Monday, April 6, 2009

The Unexpected Trek

On Sunday, Oya and I were to go on a 6 hour trek with a mountaineering group, but when we woke up in the morning, it was pouring rain and cold. It was raining from Izmir to Antalya (entire southwest Turkey), so we decided not to go. Instead, we had another day of relaxation and started it off with a 2 hour breakfast...enjoying the food and conversation. Breakfast should be this enjoyable every day! After breakfast, we went to the Turkish equivalent of Home Depot (Koctas) to get ideas for remodeling my grandmother's bathroom in Antalya and then went to the Costco/Sam's of Bodrum (Metro). We visited Oya's mother again...spent time with her and the kitties (I love Yoda...she has the best personality). We again ate tons of food and then came back to Oya's in the early evening. The rain subsided and there was a peacefulness in the air, so I decided to take a hike up to the peak of the mountain that Oya lives on. I walked up steep roads through the neighborhood and lucked out because the upper gated neighborhood happened to be open. I probably would have jumped them anyway! The views up here were gorgeous...looking through a camera lens does not do it justice. But below is some of what I saw.

Typical Bodrum house...white with blue trim.

I want this balcony!

The highest house on the mountain.

At the top of the mountain was an erie, old radio tower. The flowered pathway was inviting me up for an adventure!

The view on the way up to the radio tower.

Everything is flowering this time of year...even this interesting weed.

Made it to the top...this is so exciting!

This is what I found on the backside of the old building.

And you know what happens next...

View from the roof of the radio tower looking southeast...Bitez Bay and Gumbet Bay.

Looking southwest on the other side of the ridge towards Ince Point.

View along the ridge...I wanted to keep exploring, but it was getting late.

Good times at the ol' radio tower...

My Turkish tripod.

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