Thursday, April 2, 2009

Long, long ago... a castle far, far away (ahem...Castle of St. Peter, Bodrum, 15th century to be exact)
...wived a wovely wady with very fair skin and warge feet.

She ate bweakfast on Bitez Beach with the royals and was treated like a queen...

She weturned to the castle to show her countwymen the view of the wovewy mawina to the west...

...and turned awound to show the bweautiful view of the Bodrum coast on the east.

(ahem....side note: St. Peter Castle contains the world's largest Museum of Underwater Archeology of which the world's oldest known shipwreck exhibition is on display. Several of the shipwreck excavations were partnered with Texas A&M University. I found these facts fascinating....the oldest shipwreck, Uluburun, carried 20 tons of material, mainly copper, tin, and glass...more than 18,000 artifacts were recovered...the excavation required more than 22,000 dives over an 11 year period. And amazingly, remnants of the ship itself were recovered...a few cedar planks that were preserved beneath the cargo.)

Now, back to the stowy...
The wovewy wady took a stwoll from the castle to the Mausoleum of Halikarnassus ( of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World)...only to find that it had been destwoyed by an eawthquake. Booooooooo! (the crowd yelled)

She envisioned in her mind what the gwand swucture may have wooked wike. Unbewievable!

Then, she continued on her stwoll thwough the nawwow stweets of Bodrum along the coast to discover a secwet cafe for wadies onwy. Here, she dwank Tuwkish coffee and was told her fowtune. Her future wooks vewy vewy good, by the way. (Shwew)

She bwiefly thought about her sewvants locked up at home...

...and she finawy wealized who the weal queen of the castle was...

(what a wovewy thwone, by the way)

She then wandered off into the Bodrum sunset to view her wovewy castle...

...and then she ate icecream, wrote a blog, and hit the sack.
The End.

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  1. This was soooo cute. :)
    And very informative, too.