Sunday, April 12, 2009


Rokey dokey....after an 8 hour scenic bus ride from Bodrum...we arrived in Antalya. Antalya is the largest tourist city in Turkey and where my grandmother and other relatives reside. İ have mainly been doing the family thing for a couple of days...and as suspected didnt have easy access to a good computer, but have found a very nice neighbor with a great computer and fast internet. İm working on a turkish please forgive some of letters and perhaps the choppy sentences.

İm attaching a few pics throughout Antalya but these are not the best as İ have taken better pics in the past and seen more of the interesting sites. This trip as İ said is more about family and friends and neighbors (and theis computers...ha)...

İf youd like to see more pics of Turkey you can view my previous photos which are much better than these:
(from my tour of Turkey with my cousin Wendy and friend Laura - 2007)
(when İ lived with my grandmother for 2 months - 2005)
(the Blue Voyage with Meredith and 6 fun Turkish ladies - 2004)
(returning to Turkey after 14 years...hadnt been since my childhood - 2003)
this one has probably the best photos of the Antalya area!

When we grandmother's neighbor, Ayse, brought us this home made borek. She is going to give me a cooking lesson on how to make!

My mom and İ have ventured out several times to view the Med a few times and enjoy the weather. This is the view of the Antalya coastline from a central park looking towards the marina. Not the best picture İ have.

This is the beach in Antalya, Konyaaltı. We walked almost the entire coastline one was gorgeous and we stopped for fresh fruit drinks as we rested along the way. This is usually crowded in the summer.

Below is a bazaar where we bought several fresh vegetables and of the vegetables we got (eggplant) İ will post a recipe and pictures.

Below are some chicks and a baby duck that a guy was selling on the street. İ had to take this picture for Jennifer, the chicken lady....ha ha!

This is my baby cousin (although distant), Osman Efe. He has goregous bluegreen eyes. Many Turks have the most unusual eye color....almost like the Mediteranean itself. İts mesmerizing.

This is his sister Ceylen....she is too cute! We were playing around and they put a scarf on her head for fun.

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