Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm Moving to Turkey!

April Fools!
Although after being here for less than a day...waking up to a gorgeous view of the Aegean Sea near Bodrum and eating a fantastic Turkish breakfast, the thought has already crossed my mind!

This is my first blog ever. NEVER did I think I would motivate myself to actually sit down in front of a computer outside of work or video editing while on vacation. NEVER. In fact, I try to avoid the computer and techno gadgets when I'm not at 'home'. But thanks to the encouragement from a few friends and the inspiration from reading my friend's travel blog (my Peru co-trekkie, Jeff Staggs, who's currently traveling the world for a year)...I decided to document my travels. I should be able to keep up daily during my first week since my mom and I are staying with our gracious friend, Oya, who has a fabulous house here (with the most breathtaking views) and the fastest internet connection! Once I make my way to Antalya (to my grandmother's city), I will likely have to resort to internet cafes or the neighbor's it likely won't be daily.

The trip here was tough. The flight from Houston to London wasn't the bad part...I actually watched 3 movies, two of which were extremely long (Australia and Ray). That flight was awesome. It was the flight from London to Istanbul which was the flight from hell. Well, okay, I guess it could be worse, but does a crying toddler directly behind me whose parents are doing nothing to soothe it except letting it tug at the remote that is attached to the back of my seat count as horrible? Add to that...kicking my seatback. Hell. I mean, the monster was literally crying and kicking for about 95% of the flight. I was delirious from lack of sleep and furious at the tasmanian devil behind me. But I will say that the Turkish Airlines meal made up for some of my frustration. Let me say, Turkish Airlines has THE BEST food of all airlines. Hands down. That is simply because Turkish food is one of the best cuisines. I will be posting some pics and descriptions of turkish meals while living (and eating) with the locals.

So....onwards with the blog. I'm a bit rusty at writing (actually hated writing papers in school) excuse me while I crack my knuckles, dust off the ol' keyboard, and whip my brain into story telling mode. It's gonna be a rough start, especially with my circadium rythm off.


  1. Yippee!!!! This is terrific! Keep it comin',

  2. Alright, Nes!!! This is great!

  3. This is awesome Neslie!! Thanks for sharing!..and for the comedy relief!!
    ....great stuff!! :)

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